Our Seasons
Tipping Point
VEX Tipping Point season saw the escalation of the interest in the Boost Robotics program. We went from mentoring 20 students to over 200 students during this second season. All programs except for the one at ICC West Valley were still virtual. Many participants found this model to be extremely effective and teams started to plan their meeting times to include our live virtual presentation and would then continue with their build. The sessions were extremely interactive, and it was great to see a lot of participation. Majority of the teams took their first guided build to the first competition, and were subsequently motivated to either do either partial or complete rebuilds. Their seasons final robots looked very different from the initial builds, which is what we hoped would be the outcome and was the motivation behind offering the level-up sessions for the last 3rd of the sessions of each program. Five of the Boost mentored teams went to the World Championships this year and they, along with many other participants have already started designing and building next seasons robots.
Change Up
Boost Robotics was founded during the pandemic in the fall of 2020 when educators approached us with difficulty in mentoring due to shelter-in-place. A curriculum was then designed along with video lessons and weekly presentations to guide with the design, build and programming. Teams went on to participate in their first tournament in June 2021. The success of our mentorship was evident from the fact that three of these teams were active participants in the following season, and independently built robots and competed at a high level. Our mentorship during the following season only involved occasional level up sessions or help with troubleshooting certain issues. One team even qualified for the 2022 World Championships where they performed incredibly well.