Our Partnerships
Winters High School
Ms. Dianne Halsey
The concept behind Boost Robotics was initiated in late fall of 2020 when Ms. Halsey reached out to us looking for guidance for her teams at Winters High School in Winters, CA. We mentored five teams from Winters High School, and they were able to build a competition robot and participate successfully in a tournament that June. Three of these teams were also active and competitive participants during the 2021-2022 season, winning several awards, including tournament champions, and qualifying for the World Championship. Three rookie teams from Winters were mentored during the second season.
India Community Center
West Valley and Milpitas Branches
This was our only in-person program for this season. We had 9 teams participate in fall and 5 teams in spring. Several teams from the fall session expanded the capabilities of the robot from their observations at tournaments and through the level up sessions and two teams qualified for the World championship. Some of the fall students are involved in mentoring the students in the spring program. WE plan to continue this partnership next year as well and expand to other ICC locations across the Bay Area.
Holy Names High School
Ms. Nicole Pope
At the same time, Ms. Pope, from Holy Names High School in Oakland, CA, also reached out seeking mentorship for one of her teams. Similar to the Winters teams, these girls were able to successfully build their first competition robot and participate in the same tournament in June. Two rookie teams were mentored during the 2021-2022 season & 23 girls in 2022-23.
Woodland Christian School
Ms. Tina Collier
With the expansion of our program, we mentored four teams from Woodland Christian School under the guidance of Ms. Tina Collier during the 2021-2022 season. One team received a design award and qualified for the state championship.
Elk Grove School District
Ms. Adria Rosendale
Joining us late in the season, four enthusiastic teams with 10 students participated in our program and built this seasons robot. However, with the tournaments ending for the current season, they will be joining our program once again in early fall.
Granada High School
Mr. Kenon Willis
Mr. Willis attended our online Boost Robotics sessions in Spring 2022, and in fall, he is using our lessons from last year to mentor a Robotics A class fo 32 students. With the links provided for this season's program, he is teaching a Robotics B class of 25 students.
KiPP Navigate College Prep
Dr. Nandini Sundaram
Several of Dr. Sundaram's students attended the summer Girl Powered Workshop, and interested students continued on through Boost Robotics.
St. Mary's Episcopal School
Ms. Meagan Michael
Some girls from St. Mary's Episcopal School in Memphis, Tennessee attended the summer Girl Powered Workshop, following which Ms. michael decided to join the Boost Robotics virtual sessions along with 11 of her students.
Justin-Siena High School
Ms. Sarah Melanephy
Ms. Melanephy's students took part in the 2022 summer Girl Powered Workshop and recruited 8 students to participate in the Boost Robotics program.
The Girls Middle School
Ms. Alice Chang
A middle school mathematics teacher from the Girls Middle School in Palo Alto attended our online session with.a team of six girls (Fantastic Six), and it has been a pleasure seeing them at competitions.
Girl Scouts of Northern California
Ms. Brenda Gabel
Also joining us late in the season, eight highly interactive teams with 33 girls participated in our virtual program and built this season's robot. These girls are all excited to participate in the Girl Powered Workshop this summer as well. We anticipate partnering with NorCal Girl Scouts in fall as well to mentor new teams.
Basel, Switzerland
Mr. Dingrando
Despite the significant time difference, we were able to mentor 2 teams and 6 students in Basel, Switzerland. They built their first competition robot and used it to successfully compete in their end of the year competition.
Latin America
Ms. Monica Sanchez
We had the opportunity to offer level-up and mentoring to four teams from Columbia and one team from Chile who had qualified for the World Championship. From November to May we offered weekly sessions through which the teams were able to add more advanced features to their robots in preparation for the World Championship.
Western Mechatronics
Alberta, Canada
We welcomed partnership with team 210Y from Alberta, Canada. They started a chapter of Boost in their area in 2022 and are currently teaching 7 teams and 24 students.