Recognition and Testimonials
Article published about Boost Robotics and Winters High School
"If we hadn't joined Boost Robotics and had stopped robotics at Girl Powered Workshop, we wouldn't have the mindset to continue robotics. Thank you Boost Robotics team for holding the advanced robot building sessions and helping us for the robot competition."
~ VRC Team 20484A
"Boost Robotics has been an amazing program to participate and start robotics in! We, as a team, are very grateful to Nidhya and everyone else who made this program possible for us."
~ VRC Team 392X
"We're very grateful to your excellent help, guidance, and support to the team 66669A throughout the Boost Robotics Program. The girls had no previous experience in building a robot before. The tutorials in the program have given them a great jumpstart and enabled them in the VEX robot project. Without the design idea and sessions you provided, they wouldn’t have been able to complete building the robot and participate in the VEX Tipping Point season’s tournaments at all. Furthermore, we’re very obliged to you offering the field for the girls to practice in preparation for the competitions. Those practices were really essential. We love your passion and dedication not only to the robotics program but also to nurturing the junior students in entering this exciting community. Your guidance and contribution are extraordinary!"
~ Parent of VRC Team 66669A
"It was super helpful how Nidhya gave us a base robot to start with, with videos and explanations to help us build it, while also explaining to us how each aspect of the robot worked and making sure we understood it. By helping us with an initial robot, she taught us the essential basics. It was also extremely useful that she thoroughly explained and informed us about key concepts, such as how the PID works, as we were able to take these concepts and apply them on our own and make our robot so much better. Also, the fact that she briefed us on how the competition and the game worked was extremely, extremely helpful. Without her, we wouldn't have known that we needed an engineering notebook, and we wouldn't have looked into specific game rules. Most importantly, she was wonderfully open to all sorts of questions we had, whether it was about how the competition worked or a bug in our robot, and was willing to talk and meet up with us to answer our questions."
~ Student
"Words can't express how grateful we are to Nidhya and her team at BoostRobotics for demystifying Robotics and making it both accessible and engaging for first timers. Right from providing access to materials needed to build the Robot (kits were impossible to get in the pandemic), to very well structured lessons on the principles of design and build of a robot, everything was well thought through and presented. We received constant encouragement and guidance throughout the program and in a short span of 3 months, were able to build and compete in tournaments! This program has instilled a passion for Robotics in our kids and the confidence that we can do it! We can't wait to scale more heights in this field. If not for BoostRobotics, this would not have been a reality for us!"
~ Parent
"Boost Robotics has really helped newbies to get started with VRC. Every week session and a basic design, really boosted everyone's interest and got them going. Without this program many of us would have had a difficult start and we wouldn't be where we are now, with VRC journey. Lastly, team ACME would like to call out all the patience Nidhya has and nurturing she provides."
~ Parent
"Thank you so much for supporting our team. I really enjoyed this season and I can't wait for next year!"
~ Student
"[Student] is already looking forward to the design of next year's robot. STEM FOR GIRLS!"
~ Parent
"Thank you so much for your support and for sharing knowledge with us!"
~ Student